How Community Gardens Ireland Can Help You

As volunteers we know how difficult it is for community gardens to access funding and are therefore pleased to offer you FREE membership of Community Gardens Ireland (CG Ireland).

CG Ireland welcomes all community gardens, community food growing initiatives and community gardening advocates and tutors in Ireland and Northern Ireland, no matter whether you’re on your own or affiliated to other groups and organisations. As a member of CG Ireland you will have access to:

♣  Our large online community gardening group on Facebook, our Facebook Page and Twitter community.

♣  Access to expert advice from growing network of County Reps.

♣  Regular newsletters about events, funding opportunities and competitions.

♣  Training and networking opportunities in venues across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

♣  A website that’s growing in content and resources for community gardens.

♣  The opportunity to promote your community garden with a guest blog.

If you are an individual or community garden who would like to join CG Ireland, please complete the appropriate form below. The first link is for Community Garden (group) membership, the second for Individual membership.

CG Ireland Community Garden Membership


CG Ireland Individual Membership

The information you provide will help us collate a database that we hope will help influence policy and funding.

How You Can Help CG Ireland

We try to keep our expenditure to an absolute minimum but we have some basic costs such as website fees, marketing materials, venue and tutor fees at our training events. All of these costs need to be met if we are to continue to provide support.

If you can safely afford to donate any amount to CG Ireland via our PayPal account we’d be very grateful, or how about holding a fundraising event on our behalf?

Creating County Networks

If you would like to help us build county networks across the island, we’d love to hear from you.

Affiliates or Partners?

Our ethos is to work and support all organisations with an interest in community gardening, growing and the environment. If you feel that partnering CG Ireland or affiliation are more suitable for your organisation, please contact us directly at to discuss further.

Community Gardens Ireland (CG Ireland) is a voluntary organisation that aims to support social community gardening initiatives in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Details of our Vision, Aims and Mission are on our Welcome page.


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