In Focus: Moy Hill Community Garden, County Clare

Posted on: 13/02/2016
In Focus: Moy Hill Community Garden, County Clare

When you plant a tiny seed and cover it with earth, you never know just how big it will grow. The same thing happened to The Moy Hill Community Garden.

In Focus: Moy Hill Community GardensA couple of years ago, a kind man generously gave us a small patch of land just outside of Lahinch in County Clare. It was matted with brambles and rushes but with the help of a few friends and a hungry pig called Holly, we began to clear it bit by bit. It began to transform before our very eyes, people came and went, strangers became friends and soon it became a beautiful garden full of flowers, vegetables and the buzzing of bees.

In Focus: Moy Hill Community Garden, Clare

A wise man once told me ‘if you do good things, good things will happen’ and not a word could be truer in describing the success of The Moy Hill Community Garden.

Today the garden is owned by the community and is open to anyone and everyone. Whether it’s to plant a flower or simply sit on the bench and watch the world go by in Lahinch Bay, its open every day all year round. The garden’s roots have grown deep within the local community and this has not just happened by magic.

In Focus: Moy Hill Community Garden

During the garden’s first Summer we held weekly cook-ups open to all that wanted to come and share some fresh vegetables from the garden and meet up with other like-minded people. Last Summer we were blown away by how many people came to the cook ups, from grandsons to grandfathers, it was incredible to see how such a space could bring all different types of people together. We began to realise how important good food is and that it should be accessible and affordable for everyone, so now every Friday in the growing season we offer a variety of vegetables in the garden on a donation basis.

In Focus: Moy Hill Community Garden

It didn’t just stop at food though, the garden became a space for music where we held outdoor concerts in the amphitheater. It became a space for learning where we put on weekly kid’s activities up-cycling wellies and planting sunflowers. It became a space where anything is possible and this is what the garden has taught us.


So if you are ever passing through County Clare on the Wild Atlantic Way, stop into the garden, make yourself a cuppa and enjoy the view.

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In Focus: Moy Hill Community Garden

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