GROWers from Community Gardens Ireland Against Climate Change

Posted on: 22/06/2018
Community Gardens Ireland Against Climate Change

If you are a farmer, an urban gardener, if you volunteer in a community garden or own a small allotment, if you are concerned about soil, if you are interested in technological and social innovation then let us introduce you to the GROW Observatory.  

The GROW Observatory is a European-wide project engaging thousands of GROWers, researchers and people passionate about land and soil.

Citizen Science: GROW Observatory Free Online CourseGROW VISION

GROW’s vision is to create and support a movement of thousands of citizens across Europe that will produce, exchange and use information related to land and soil. Those engaged into GROW will receive GROW’s low cost but high-capacity, Soil Sensors that are able to collect data to help you understand your Soil and provide consultation for optimal soil use.

With each citizen contributing data and information, GROW aims to build a shared pool of Data for the protection of European Soils. It aspires to combine all these data in order to help develop a more Sustainable Soil Management, help build Living Soils with Regenerative Growing Practices and help fight climate change through citizen-generated data.


GROW’s tools are available for anyone within Ireland who seek to understand their Soil Quality, and draw conclusions about new growing methods, optimal time to water, sow or harvest. The GROW Sensor can help you generate and manage Soil data that can give shape to more robust and updated environment-management policies for climate change adaptation.

GROW’s goals resonate with our regional environmental needs, since we are in the frontline against climate change. The GROW Observatory will help shape climate models that could forecast the frequency and intensity of extreme climate phenomena, like droughts, floods and heatwaves.

That’s why we’re bringing together people who love soil with people who love data across Europe in this groundbreaking project to connect and learn from each other.

Growers from Community Gardens Ireland against Climate ChangeCommunity Gardens Ireland is chosen to be one of nine GROW places across Europe to run this ambitious project for our Soils. A group of engaged and active GROWers from Donegal and the south-east of Ireland will experiment with GROW’s tools and Sensors to monitor and understand their Soil.

GROW launches a tribute to people engaged in rural innovation and soil stewardship both in Ireland and abroad. Through this tribute, GROW will map the potentials of our land, as well as the opportunities that can be provided through the GROW Observatory to Irish our GROWers.

If you are living in Donegal or the south-east of Ireland from Carlow, Waterford and South Tipperary and would like to get involved with the soil sensor project, please get in touch with us for more information.

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