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Posted on: 26/08/2023
Members of Community Gardens Ireland at our yearly Gathering at Top of the City Community Garden in Waterford, September 2021

Community Gardens Ireland is operated on a voluntary basis and is a free resource for community growers throughout Ireland.

Our group have been heavily active in recent years advocating for more allotments and community gardens throughout Ireland.

Like any organisation, funding is required to keep items like our website operational. We also incur costs associated with our advocacy work, events, along with other ancillary costs such as postage and bank fees.

Despite our activities, we don’t receive any funding to provide for our ongoing costs and we rely on donations to help keep our activities going and this website online.

To support our work to help deliver more allotments and community gardens around Ireland, we would appreciate any contributions that could be made in the below link:

Attendees at a joint event by Community Gardens Ireland and Social Farms & Gardens Northern Ireland in Carlow, Nov. 2022

Alternatively, please consider setting up a recurring monthly donation should you be in a position to do so.

Any contributions received allow us to continue our important work and will be published at our yearly AGM. Your help is highly appreciated!

Got a question for Community Gardens Ireland?

Drop us an email at, or check out our FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

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