Sarah Cecelia Harrison and the Allotments Movement in Ireland

Sarah Cecilia Harrison (1863–1941) was the first woman elected to Dublin City Council in 1912. From here she worked to promote women’s rights, helped those in poverty and established the allotments movement in Ireland. In the 1910s, Britain had legislation governing allotments but Ireland lagged behind. World War 1 and food shortages saw the establishment […]

Community Gardens Ireland’s submission on the Planning & Development Bill

Help us improve the law on community growing in Ireland In February 2023, Community Gardens Ireland became aware of upcoming changes in the draft Planning and Development Bill. The draft proposed to do the following: We immediately got in contact with all members of the Oireachtas Committee on Housing, Local Government & Heritage. We also […]

Proposed Planning & Development Bill 2023

Help Needed for Proposed Planning & Development Bill 2023 Earlier this week we became aware of changes proposed in the proposed Planning & Development Bill. The Bill, as it currently stands, would do the following:  If passed under the current wording, the Bill will mean that all current 2500 allotments and community gardens provided by […]

Community Gardens Ireland 2022 End of Year Update

It has been another busy 12 months at Community Gardens Ireland! We are all volunteers and have decided to put together a brief report detailing exactly what our committee have been up to. Supporting new and existing gardens A lot of queries we receive are in relation to the setting up of new gardens, support […]

Grow Your Own Food Not Emissions

At an all-island meeting of community growers in Carlow on Saturday 5th November 2022, attendees heard of the role growing your own food performs to help residents adapt to climate change and reduce biodiversity loss. All-Island Community Gardening Gathering The event, organised by Community Gardens Ireland and Social Farms & Gardens Northern Ireland, took place in […]