As community gardens have grown in popularity, so too has the need for a national organisation that links and shares knowledge and information collected by all the individuals, groups and agencies working with them.

The idea to connect community gardeners around the island of Ireland was first muted at the GIY Harvest Festival in Waterford in 2011 and as a result of all the positive feedback, the inaugural meeting took place at The Greenhouse in Dublin in November of the same year, attracting over 50 people from various locations around Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Two more facilitated meetings took place and a forum for Community Gardens Ireland finally went live in 2012.

Our aim is to support and promote community gardens in Ireland and Northern Ireland and the organisation has grown from strength to strength. Our Facebook Group, Facebook page and twitter stream  gives a virtual connection for community gardeners, providing support and promotion, sharing resources and learning and exchanging ideas. We are also happy to share member stories on our blog.

We hold gatherings in venues around the island of Ireland and we always aim to include a community garden visit. We have met in many locations across the country from Derry to Waterford, Galway to Kilkenny, offering a workshop element into the events, making them a full day of learning and friendship, networking and information, and sometimes two.

Name Change

After public and committee consultation in June 2016 we changed our name from the Community Garden Network to Community Gardens Ireland to reflect our new vision and aims.

Community Gardens Ireland is operated on a voluntary basis and is currently a free resource for community gardeners everywhere.

To get in contact with Community Gardens Ireland, fill out the form or email us at info@cgireland.org

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