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Community Gardens in Ireland – Map

Community Gardens in Ireland

Welcome to Community Gardens Ireland. Are you involved with a community garden in Ireland or Northern Ireland? 

We would like to find as many social community garden projects and allotments as we can and plot them onto the map to help others find you. It will also help us reach out and offer more effective support to you.  We don’t mind if you’re affiliated to none or all organisations, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to be included on the map, head over to our membership page and click the link for free community garden or individual membership.

If you want to contact us, check out the contact form below or email us at info@cgireland.org

12 thoughts on “Community Gardens in Ireland – Map

  1. how many community garden are there in Ireland approx and what are their benefits for mental and physical well-being

  2. Hi I am renovating my mums garden and I have loads of top soil going free. Let me know if you want any.

    1. Thank you for your kind offer. Unfortunately we’ve only just spotted your message so imagine the offer has long gone! Happy gardening.

  3. I am the co founder of two discussion groups the irish wool discussion group and irish wool for sale direct from farmers. We are looking for community gardens to use wool in these projects the wool industry has collapsed. Wool has many uses in gardens as a mulch slug barrier and compost all with break down into fertilisers. It also can be used to line hanging baskets. Actually wool has 125 uses. We would like community gardens to use wool to help get the wool industry up and running its sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    1. Hi Olivia, we’re only just seeing your message now, apologies. Could you email the group (address on the contact page) if you are still looking for gardens? Thanks

    1. Hi Aoife, apologies we’ve only just spotted your message. All the member gardens are listed on the map here but we are sure there are many more who haven’t yet found us, nor us them. If you need to know the number for an article, please email via out contact page and someone should be able to get back to you with a specific number.

  4. Hello, We have 3/4 in the centre of a Leitrim village which we think would be a very good place for a community allotment. I think there would be lots of interest but I’m wondering about practical considerations like public liability insurance, agreements etc. Can you help please? – thank you!

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